A Broken Winter

Warning: A Broken Winter contains graphic depictions of violence and sexuality. Other triggers include child abuse, torture, medical procedures, PTSD, suicide, suicidal ideation, ritualistic self-harm, and drug use.


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A Broken Winter updates every Friday.


General Auryn Tyrus runs a government slaughterhouse, overseeing the covert execution of political dissidents – victims of an emperor who claims to have swallowed the sun. When the son of a former lover is sentenced to death, Auryn intervenes, turning his life upside down.

Illustrated by Archie the RedCat.

Tiernan Aran

Tiernan Aran is kidnapped by a group of cultists known as the Altricial and forced to cooperate with their devious plans.

Illustrated by Jessica H. Voice.


Read an exclusive excerpt from the novelized version of the webcomic, coming Nov.25/2019 from NineStar Press.