Planet Thalassinus' sun is dying - divine retribution, or natural phenomenon, depending on point-of-view. Military scientist Reisen Kaneko believes neither explanation, but the only scientific data he has access to lends credibility to geocentric models of the universe and demonic possession.

Seven-year-old Keita Kaneko knows his dad doesn't agree with Emperor Haru's way of doing things, but he never expects to be dragged out of bed in the middle of the night and forced into the back of a police car. Keita's unwillingness to cooperate with authorities results in a death sentence and he's sent to a government-operated slaughterhouse specializing in the erasure of political dissidents. His life is spared by General Auryn Tyrus, whose connection to Keita runs much deeper than Auryn's willing to admit.

A Broken Winter is a collaboration between writer Kale Night and illustrator Archie the RedCat. Archie is a commissioned artist, meaning the cost of running the website and updating the comic falls on Kale. Please take a moment to consider supporting A Broken Winter via Patreon. Patrons receive an advanced look at each page and have access to exclusive fiction and fan art.

A Broken Winter updates every Monday.

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