Aggnaroth Azmodian: Aggnaroth is forced to serve Emperor Jaden until Dezmodeus’ debts are repaid, acting as insurance his brother won’t disappear instead of paying what he owes. He abhors the Ibaran royal family, with the exception of Princess Jada.

Arandano: Arandano lives and works in Building D. He’s responsible for designing drugs like the mind-numbing combination of chemicals circulating in Terasyn’s water supply. He owns a snow monkey named Winkie.

Auryn Tyrus: Raised in a government orphanage, Auryn has no memory of life before his arrival and, like all good Terasian boys, views Emperor Haken as a father figure. As a child, he was close with Prince Elia. Auryn volunteered for the Terasian Air Force at the age of 16 and tested experimental aircraft until the Air Force’s discontinuation.

 At the age of 68, Auryn was appointed chaplain of a secret military base and sent on an undercover mission to spy on Reisen Kaneko. His growing feelings for Reisen made the job rather difficult.

After Reisen’s abrupt exit from the military and subsequent rise to the top of Terasyn’s Most Wanted, Auryn did what was expected of him, getting married and producing a son, Sasha. Sasha’s death resulted in the end of his marriage and the beginning of a downward spiral.  

At age 84, Auryn was promoted to General and appointed Director of The Farm, in charge of supervising the raising/breeding/slaughter of animals and the growth/harvesting of crops, providing food for everyone in Terasyn. He also supervises the execution of political dissidents, whose meat is sold in fancy butcher shops and given directly to the royal family.

When Keita Kaneko arrives at The Farm, Auryn intervenes, ignoring the troubling suspicion he’s an unfit caretaker.

Dezmodeus Azmodian: Having allegedly stolen a valuable shipment of minerals from Emperor Jaden, Dezmodeus owes the emperor a tremendous amount of money. 500 billion dollars, to be exact. Dezi does whatever he can to come up with the money, including, but not limited to, selling unholy parasites to the highest bidders, convincing people he owns valuable real estate in the afterlife, and child trafficking. 

Emperor Haken: Emperor Haken is a God who descended from the astral realm in a bolt of light. He ruled for 10,000 years before his followers got too unruly, forcing him to swallow the sun as punishment. Or so he says.

Haken rules Terasyn however he pleases, creating unrest and encouraging government reliance by fabricating terrorist attacks and blaming them on Reisen Kaneko.

Emperor Jaden: Emperor Jaden is also a God, who coincidentally also swallowed the sun, and anyone in Ibara who believes otherwise is publicly executed. As long as Ibarans swear allegiance to him and pledge generously to Jaden’s campaign to destroy Terasyn, they’re granted a range of freedoms denied to Terasians, such as decriminalization of drugs and alcohol and legalization of homosexuality.

The Farm: The Farm is an underground complex consisting of four main buildings – A, B, C, and D.

Building A is over 200,000 square feet of greenhouses rigged with artificial lights, producing food for roughly 100,000 people on the surface and all the animals in Building C. Fast growing, genetically modified crops maximized output, largely the product of Reisen Kaneko’s research.

Building B is for packaging and shipping.

Building C houses cows, pigs, fish, and chickens. These animals are raised at Emperor Haken’s insistence, much to Auryn’s annoyance, as the cost of feeding and maintaining them is astronomical and illogical. The animals of Building C age quickly, reaching full maturity after several months, after which they are either used for breeding purposes or slaughtered.

Building D is research and development. Also home to the Director’s Quarters and Arandano’s laboratory.

Ibara: One of two countries remaining after the disappearance of the sun. Ibara is ruled by Emperor Jaden, who’s usually found fundraising for the war Ibara is supposedly fighting with Terasyn. A war that doesn’t really exist.

Inkworm: A blood parasite notorious for ransacking its host. Symptoms include vomiting blood, tar-like black sludge leaking from the eyes and mouth, blindness, organ failure, and insanity. Those of advanced spiritual age are said to be immune to its negative effects, experiencing instead a heightened sense of awareness and connection with the astral realms.

Keita Kaneko: At age seven, Keita Kaneko is captured in a raid meant to target his father, Reisen Kaneko. Keita is taken for questioning, but reveals nothing of use to his tormentors, and is sentenced to be executed at The Farm. Keita’s life is spared by Auryn. At first, Keita has a hard time believing Auryn wants to help him, but Auryn’s persistence and detailed knowledge of Reisen eventually persuade Keita he’s trustworthy. As he matures, Keita’s fondness for Auryn grows far beyond anything he expects.

Naida Glass: Naida was Reisen’s laboratory assistant and Keita’s mother. She was forced to flee the Terasian military at the same time as Reisen and they went into hiding together. When Keita was four, Naida was attacked and injected with inkworm, resulting in her death.

Prince Doku: Son of Emperor Jaden, Doku has an unfortunate run-in with inkworm, but is saved by an unlikely ally.

Prince Elia: Son of Emperor Haken, Elia enjoys a carefree life with minimal responsibilities. He’s protective of Auryn, covering for him when necessary. Elia partakes in many of the crimes for which Reisen is blamed.

Princess Jada: Daughter of Emperor Jaden, Jada sympathizes with Aggnaroth’s plight and tries to make life easier for him. Her affection for Aggnaroth has grown to the point where she resents her family’s treatment of him and wants to help make things right.

Reisen Kaneko: Doctor Reisen Kaneko is an accomplished scientist who’s especially fond of working with plants. His research lead to Emperor Haken requesting his help finding treatment for inkworm victims and an obsession with finding a cure.

Reisen’s work with inkworm triggered a chain of events which forced him to defect, escaping along with his assistant, Naida. Terrified of what Reisen might reveal, Emperor Haken framed him for a series of “terrorist” acts and urged the public to turn him in.

Known for being monomaniacal, Reisen relentlessly pursues his goals, which currently include having both Emperor Haken and Emperor Jaden prosecuted as war criminals and sent off to break rocks in stripy outfits.   

Sasha Tyrus: Sasha was killed at age eight, an incident Auryn holds himself accountable for. Sasha’s favourite toy was a giraffe named Mr. Bumpy.

Terasyn: After a thousand years with no light, Emperor Haken took pity on the people of Terasyn. Sure, they’d behaved like Godless savages, forcing him to take the sun away, but they deserved a break. Artificial environments were constructed, allowing climate controls and hologram projectors to demonstrate what they were missing. What they could have again, if they’d only behave themselves.

Drugs and alcohol are illegal, as are denim and synthesizers. Relationships are strictly monogamous and heterosexual, otherwise perpetrators are found in contempt of divine law and turned into expensive steak.